Prevention is Primary: Maintenance Schedules – Confused?

Prevention is Primary: Maintenance Schedules – Confused?

We all know that routine and regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your Honda or Toyota product, right? By following the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, your car will last for many years and cost less to repair by catching the small problems before they become large ones. That’s the way it USED to be, anyway. Until 1995, Honda and Toyota maintenance schedules were pretty consistent however since then, maintenance schedules for each year and model are different and confusing. At a minimum, we address the published schedules in the service manuals using OEM parts and fluids ensuring your factory warranty. Additionally, there may be services that we may suggest as if yours was our Mother’s car, to keep it in great shape for the long haul.Contact us or [email protected] with your questions. We will do our best to ensure your vehicle gets the maintenance it deserves to stay in “like-new ... read more


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Use our Diagnostic Worksheets

You can help speed the diagnostic process by printing and filling our diagnostic worksheets before you come for your appointment. Brakes and RideCar Will Not StartPerformance or Poor MileageUnusual Noises


Tech Tips

MWI Consumer Checkbook Top Quality Rated…Again!

MWI Consumer Checkbook Top Quality Rated…Again!

Top Quality Rated… Again and Again! We just received this in the mail today. We’re so pleased that so many of you (118) responded to their questionnaires and surveys. That’s more than double what most other shops with similar work volumes received in our area. Thanks to our fantastic clients for the great rating!The Washington Consumer Checkbook has been around for many years now. They compile survey data on how happy you guys are with the folks that care for your cars. We’ve consistently scored high over the years. If you would like to check it out yourself and see how they try to make a level and non-biased compilation, go over to We’d like to thank all of you (and you know who you are) for the honest appraisals of your experiences at Motor Works. We’re consistently seeking to improve our level of service to you



Video: AARP Modern Maturity – 1985 TV show Clip at MWI

Video: AARP Modern Maturity – 1985 TV show Clip at MWI

Check out this 1985 segment shot at MWI (look carefully for that young guy in the white shirt)



Video: He Did it for Love – Technician buys car for his mother!

Video: He Did it for Love – Technician buys car for his mother!

Our own Chris Soares… putting Family First



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Honda and Toyota products definitely hold their value over time. Smart!

Prevention is Primary: Radiator Hose

Prevention is Primary: Maintenance Schedules – Confused?

Use our Diagnostic Worksheets

MWI Consumer Checkbook Top Quality Rated…Again!

Video: AARP Modern Maturity – 1985 TV show Clip at MWI

Video: He Did it for Love – Technician buys car for his mother!

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