“Are We There Yet?” Season is Almost Here!


It’s about that time again. You know, that part of the year where we pack ourselves, and all the essentials (some non, too), into our trusty car/van/truck/wagon and hit the road for parts unknown (or known, whichever).  Within the MWI family there are a few avid road trippers, a few newbies, and since we’ve all got some sort of trip on the horizon, we thought we’d share a couple great ‘Road Trip Tips’ lists we found.  We’ve also got a few tips directly from our in-house ‘road-trippers’.

First from your technicians…  Chris advises a full tank of gas to start your journey.  Armando says to make sure your car is safe and ready with a ‘pre-trip’ inspection, and Todd wants everyone to make sure the snacks are fully stocked and plentiful.

Now for the front office… Carlos says make sure your car is clean – start your trip off on the right foot so to speak.  Paul says “just before you do… don’t” (to be interpreted however you like  😎 ).  Sara advises a inventory (and update) of your First Aid kit “Better safe than sorry is a saying for a reason” see says.  Greg wants everyone to just get out there and drive – while having have fun & being safe, of course!

Sara @MWI found these lists super helpful: