Spring Car Care Tips!

With today being the first official day of spring (despite the winter weather we’re experiencing) we thought now would be an opportune time to go over some spring car care tips.  We know here in Maryland, the spring season can mean road trips, camping trips, additional extracurricular activities, and on and on it goes.  Whatever your lifestyle, we also know, your car needs to be ready for anything you may throw at it (please don’t actually throw things at your car though).

There’s a good possibility the harsh winter weather has been tough on your car, and it is likely showing some signs.  Now is a great time to bring it in for a full inspection, that way we can identify any smaller issues, before they become larger ones.

Just a few of the item we’d recommend checking: Engine oil and filter condition, condition of other vital fluids, functionality of wiper blades, starting and charging system performance, condition of the braking components and tires, belt and hose condition, and filters for the air you breathe and the air the engine breathes.

One other great tip Greg recommends is to make sure you get the car washed, especially the undercarriage, to ensure all the salt and brine that collected over the winter is washed away.

Just give us a call, or head over to the appointment tab of our website, and set up your appointment… no worries!

Inspired by an article on www.becarcareaware.com