Here are the words that really matter…yours! If you really want to learn about a shop, ask their clients. These unsolicited comments are from feedback responses, web reviews, report cards, letters, postcards and emails that we have received over the years.

From 140 reviews
Katie B

I took my 2003 Toyota Highlander here for the second time. The customer service is always outstanding. They gave me a ride to another location and picked me up at the end of the day. They gave recommendations on what to get repaired on my …

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Response from business owner

Ms. Bevington, We're so pleased to hear that we exceeded your expectations. This is what we aim to do during each visit with all of our clients. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience even more, please don't hesitate to let me know, okay? Thanks... Greg

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Kim B

The staff are always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

Michelle C

We tried another car repair company, but Motor Works is better and more convenient. My car is 10+ years old with over 210,000 miles – Motor Works keeps it running like new.

Response from business owner

Michelle, what can we say. We're so proud to have great clients like you guys. Please let us know how we can improve your experience. Thanks again – Greg

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Lee P

Personnel are always friendly, and service is great.

Response from business owner

Mr. Peters, Thanks for the great review! – Greg

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Kevin S

Great Service. Fair prices. Staff will really work with you. Sara is from California!

Laura S

I have been a customer for over 15 years, and they are the greatest.

Celestine K

Motor Works is like family. I know they care about my car as if it is their car! Highly recommend

Sara D

Cannot say enough good things about these guys. It's like having another family, but one that can fix my car.

Norma Smith

Been going to Motor Works for years; since they just work on Honda and Toyota, we've limited our vehicle choices to just those products, so we can continue using them.

Response from business owner

Hi Mrs. S! Thanks so much for the 5 star rating! Now that we're adding Subaru to the brand line up, you can expand your shopping options with the next car 🙂 Thanks again & don't hesitate to call/email us should you need a thing!

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Avin Lalmansingh

I absolutely love MotorWorks. They are knowledgeable, professional and honest! They keep me and my cars happy.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. L... Thanks so much for taking the time to post about your experience here at MWI. We love you too! – Greg

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Mike T

Very friendly staff. My first experience with them was when I had bearing in my rear differential go bad. I first went to 2 different independent repair shop and both claimed the rear differential had to completely replaced. I then took it …

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Meredith Z

Always professional, courteous, and helpful. Staff are very friendly, make you feel like family. Top-notch technicians and mechanics!

Louis Solomon

In the past 20 years I have used Motor Works for all my Hondas. I could never by a car unless Motor Works would service them. They are careful, supportive, and always solve whatever problems arise. In addition, they are delightful people …

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Response from business owner

Dr. S... thank you SO much for taking the time to share your experiences with the public. The relationship we have with your family is certainly cherished.

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Delphine K

As always, you and your techies did a great job, just as you promised My "Blue Bonnet" is riding smoothly over hill & dale, on her new threads. Thanks again. See you later. Del Koval

Morgan Bantly

I have been using Motor Works exclusively to service my cars since 1985! They have always provided fantastic customer service, and are extremely trustworthy. They will repair/fix what's needed, and will put a "watch" on something that can …

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Response from business owner

WOW! Mr. B... what can we say. We love you... not just because of the incredible review, but for the years and years of being such superstar clients. You ARE part of our family here. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate, okay? Thanks again – Greg

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Mark Wilbur

Great honest quality service, that is why I have had Motor Works take care of my vehicles for the last 30 years.

Response from business owner

Thanks SO much Mr. W. It's so nice to have wonderful clients like you guys. Let me know if anything is needed, okay? Greg

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Adrian M

The best! Courteous, competent and honest. In a league all of their own. Way better experience and less expensive than dealer service.

Don Moldover

They are attentive, thoughtful and forward thinking. They are always engaging to talk with and completely honest but not cheap.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Moldover, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience here at Motor Works. We really appreciate your review – Greg

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George McGrathIV

I have been coming to MotorWorks for almost 20 years now because they do great work on my cars and also because I know that I can trust them . They are very honest . I also appreciate the fact that they are so very nice and pleasant with me…

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Response from business owner

Wow George... We're so blessed to have such awesome clients such as yourself for so many years. I just shared your kind words with the staff and saw smiles all around. If there is anything you need to make your visits more comfortable, please don't hesitate to ask, okay? Thanks again... Greg

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Carl Zaner

Motor Works did a terrific job on my 15.year-old Toyota. Highly recommended!

Response from business owner

It was a pleasure to service you and your car. Thanks so much for your trust and confidence, we cherish clients such as yourself! – Greg

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Leon Weintraub

Great work from a long-time, satisfied customer.

Response from business owner

Wow, Mr. Weintraub...thanks for the wonderful review and rating. If there is anything that any of us can do to make your experience even better, please don't hesitate to let me know, okay? Greg Skolnik

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Michael L

I can always count on Motor Works to do a thorough

and dependable servicing of my car, whether it’s

a routine oil change or a complex major repair.

Frank Molony

For over 25years, Motor Works has excelled at keeping our Honda and now Toyota cars in fine condition. They have helped us keep the cars well into 12 to 15 years of reliable use--thank you

Response from business owner

Mr Molony, It is so wonderful to have great clients for such a long time such as yourself. You are a true superstar! If there is anything that you need, please don't hesitate, okay? Greg

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Denise Darling

Great service. Great staff. All around excellent.

Response from business owner

Hi Ms. Darling. Thank you SO much for taking your time to share your experience at the shop with others. We are tremendously appreciative of wonderful clients like you. Thanks again, Greg

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Franklyn C

I am treated well. Sarah and Paul are the ones who deal directly with the customer. They make a big difference in the experience. They are warm

and make you feel that you are important.

Franklyn Cohen

Julie J

This is such a friendly, happy & upbeat shop. I scheduled my car's (doctor) visit ahead of time and as promised Bernie (my lender car) was there waiting for me. By 4:00 my car had had a complete physical – all fluid transfusions were done…

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Kim Ford

Excellent service, with a touch of family friendly!!

Response from business owner

Mrs. Ford, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the world. Having long-term, superstar clients (such as yourselves) is such a joy. We appreciate you. If there is anything that we can do to make your visits even better, please know that I'm just a phone call or click away. Thanks again, Greg.

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Jack L

Motor Works has always been honest about the condition of my car and if/when repairs are needed. Everyone is very professional and they take the time to explain what they are doing.

Michael Higgs

Great people, great service. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Response from business owner

Mr. Higgs... It's great clients like you that make being in business so wonderful. When you can think of ways for us to improve your experience here, please let me know, okay? We'll continue to work hard at it. Thanks again, Greg

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Mark S

It is important to me to have a place I can go where I can trust the advice I receive 100%. Greg, Paul, Aaron, Sara and the whole gang are top notch and care about my needs and concerns! Thanks for taking care of me


Gary K

I've been using Motor Works for over 20 years for all my Honda and Acura maintenance. They exceed my expectations every single visit.

John U

Excellent service from a friendly and professional team.

John Underhill

Excellent service from a friendly and courteous team of professionals.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. U, Thank you so much taking the time to write such a wonderful review. We certainly appreciate wonderful clients such as you. If I can do anything to make your visits even better, please don't hesitate to ask. – Greg

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Albert Keidel

I have experienced that the service on my 2002 Honda Civic has always been excellent and the costs reasonable. Motor Works is quick with a diagnosis and offered me reasonable options for solutions. My Civic has been running beautifully …

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Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Keidel, I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for your fantastic review. I'm really blessed to have such a committed staff and wonderful clients such as you. If there is anything that I can do to make your experience here even better, please don't hesitate...okay? Greg

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Louis S

I have been coming to you for decades. I always provide you as potential place for Honda owners to have their cars worked on.

You know all this, and I am delighted to continue.

John S

Always great service and will go out of their way to accommodate you. Top notch and have earned my complete trust.

Gloria B

As always Motor Works is there to perform good service in a wonderful way.

Thank You,

Gloria Brown

Adlyn C

I always appreciate my Motor Works experience — nothing better than great, courteous, and honest service, a loner car, and regular scheduling that keeps my OLD car in better shape than this aging body. Wish I could get the same work-up …

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Carole M

Very happy with Motor Works. I trust you and that means a lot. Thanks.

Elizabeth (Ann) D

work done efficiently and competently. Very comfortable, welcoming office. I luv these folks. They have kept my cars running, without worry, more than 12 years! Honest, dependable, caring.

Sara Daniel

I've been going to Motorworks for at least 8 years and they are fantastic. They know EVERYTHING about Hondas and are great at identifying problems and prioritizing repairs. They also truly care about their customers and will go out of their…

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Response from business owner

Ms. D... What can we say, you and little Mac are truly five-star clients! We are blessed to have you as part of our MWI family. If there is anything that you need whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask, okay? Thanks, Greg

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Margaret O

I debated whether to choose 'liked it or loved it' since I don't think I'll ever really 'love' having my car worked on but having the best company doing the work makes all the difference. Motor Works came to my rescue last summer '16 when I…

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Judith W

The staff are friendly and easy to talk to. They provide thoughtful and informed answers to all my questions. I have confidence in their service and always enjoy my visit.

Andrew Boltax

Always helpful, friendly and honest. Good advice from Motor Works has saved me thousands of dollars over the years while keeping my Hondas running smoothly.

Response from business owner

Mr. B... We are humbled by your review. Thank you SO much. Even if you hadn't put these wonderful words out there, you are and have always been a 5-star client here at MWI. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate, okay? Thanks, Greg

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Steve N

We were initially referred to Motor Works by family friends who raved about their service. We started using them and have now done so for over 12 years. This is the single best automotive service we have ever used, for multiple reasons. …

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William M

I have been delighted with the services provided by Motor Works for over twenty years now. The quality of their work is first-rate, and they will always have my business. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to help.

Dayna S

I cannot say enough about how honest, helpful and wonderful this company is.…

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Linda H

I always appreciate the excellent service we receive both personally and with our vehicles. We only have one now but they make sure I get a ride home or provide a loaner if I need one. They are also very kind and patient with my questions!

Linda P

I was that woman, who called and said, "my car is making a noise". As it turned out, my 2010 Accord needed brakes, pads and rotors- (I received a phone call and an email with pictures).. The repairs, necessary for my safety, were done …

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Maureen M

Customer service is top notch! They treat me like family – that is valuable and makes them extremely trustworthy!!

William M

I have entrusted the care of my Hondas to Motor Works for over twenty years. I especially appreciate their customer service.

Elizabeth H

This business has great service, and provides shuttle service or loaner cars. This business is very good about letting me know what needs to be fixed immediately (as in, the car is not safe to drive without fixing this) and what can wait …

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Joe H

Coming from the era of "Use it up, Make it do. repair it, Get the last bit of use out of it", I learned quickly growing up that you truly get what you pay for. I have a ten year old Honda Pilot and it spends it "repair and Service dates at…

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Jim M

We knew that my wife's 1997/ 6 cylinder low miles Camry needed major work to remain safe on the road. I lucked out finding Motor Works where she felt welcomed and comfortable with everyone I appreciate that the shop took the initiative to …

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C Kish

Wonderful staff who know cars and can explain it to me so I understand. Fixed a problem that two other shops could not figure out. Highly recommend.

Response from business owner

Ms. K... Thanks SO much for the wonderful review. I'm so pleased that your Pilot is driving properly now. If there is anything we can do to help your experiences be even better, whether routine maintenance visits or otherwise, please don't hesitate to pipe up. Okay? Thanks again... Greg Skolnik

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Francis R

My 20 year old Odyssey is running great and was in and out of the shop for an oil change so quickly that I had no trouble getting to my 9AM class!

Adlyn S Cook

Motor Works literally saved my trip last week. The air conditioner on my 2005 Prius stopped working just before the 4th of July and I was taking the wife of my deceased partner to meet our 5-month-old grand daughter in Brooklyn. Motor Works…

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Response from business owner

Hi Ms. Cook, Thanks so much for taking your time to leave this wonderful review. If there is anything that either you or your Prius might need, please don't hesitate to ask, okay? Thanks, Greg Skolnik

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Michael Correnti

Motor Works Inc. Is a phenomenal shop. Their service is second to none. They completed my vehicle in a thorough and very timely manner. The family atmosphere of the shop is great. When I picked up my vehicle I met the owner, his staff, and …

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Response from business owner

Mr. Correnti,

Thank you SO much for your wonderful words. It was a pleasure to meet you and even better to hear that your experience here exceeded your expectation. If there is anything that could enhance your future experiences, please don't hesitate to let us know, okay? Greg Skolnik

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Claudia S

Great value, great service. Been a customer for almost 10 years and many, many miles. They get to know you and your vehicle and take care of things before they become real costly or real issues.


I will only purchase a Honda because of the outstanding service I receive from Greg and his staff. Their customer service skills are unmatched.

Response from business owner

Thank you so much for your wonderful words and the five-stars! We appreciate the great relationships we have with you. – Greg Skolnik

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Jennifer Butler

I trust they are taking good care of my car!

Response from business owner

Ms. B... Thank you so much for your wonderful review. There are two magic words in your text that we take very seriously and strive for in every visit. They are "trust" and "care". If there is anything...and I mean anything that we can do to enhance your experience at MWI, please don't hesitate to contact me, okay? Thanks!

Greg Skolnik


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Becky W

Absolutely would (and do) recommend! You are the reason I buy Hondas!

Mark W

Motor Works has serviced my Honda, Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles for over 30 years. Good value and top quality. I wouldn't take them any where else. Thank You Motor Works Team!

David H

Great local service from a group who care!

Herbert M

Have been going to motor works for years. Feel like they know me and I know them. Have yet to experience a time when they didnt service my cars correctly. …

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Mark Strosnider

Personalized care and attention from the moment you walk in, it's like being part of the Motor Works family! It is a truly important to me to know that I have a place to bring my car to be serviced where I can trust the recommendations. I …

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Response from business owner

Mr. S... Thank you so much for your kind words and your fantastic review. What you describe is exactly what we are striving for with every client visit. You ARE part of the family here. If there is anything that we can help make something happen for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again, Greg

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Kirsten Schrader

Motor Works is reliable and convenient. I almost always get everything fixed the day it is dropped off.

Response from business owner


It's clients like you that make being in this business so enjoyable. Your smile and laugh are amazing and we all enjoy you every time you come in. If there is anything that we can do to improve your experience, please don't hesitate to let me know, ok? Thanks for the wonderful words. – Greg

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Brett Hoffman

Great service, honest and reliable. Highly recommend Motor Works.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Hoffman,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review your experiences here. We appreciate you and are interested in finding ways to improve your overall experiences each time you visit. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you can think of ways to accomplish that. Thanks again, Greg

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Margit Meissner

Motorworks is the best car repair shop you could ever hope to find. I would not consider buying another make car because it would mean abandoning Motorworks.

Margit Meissner

Response from business owner

Ms Meissner – what can we say... your words make us blush. You have been such a wonderful client for so many years. We always love seeing you walk through that door. – Greg

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James M

We knew that my wife's low miles 1997 Camry needed major work to remain safe on the road. I lucked out finding Motor Works where she felt…

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Linda Harrison

Having my car get its "check-up" is a non-event with Motorworks since they provide rides and in the past have provided a loaner if needed. The people I have dealt with are wonderful--kind, knowledgeable, generous. We don't trust anyone else…

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Response from business owner

Mrs. H. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are a wonderful client and we all appreciate seeing you. If there is anything that you need, please don't hesitate to let me know. – Greg

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Lee Schwab

Motor Works treats you like family! Everyone is very friendly. Not the cheapest car repair shop in the world, but there are never unnecessary expenses. You can always trust them to do the right thing. With their service, I have been able to…

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Response from business owner

Thank you so much Doc. It's great to have such wonderful clients as you and Ms K. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to let me know. – Greg

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Stephen W

As always, I was treated professionally and courteously and, almost as important, they did a great job on my car.

Woody W

Motor Works has consistently been a reliable, competent and friendly service provider for our cares. Over the years I have been glad to recommend Motor Works to friends, colleagues and anyone else who asks.

lee kariuki

Motor Works is as good as it gets. They Always do the work right and only what is needed.

Response from business owner

Thanks so much Mr. K! We greatly appreciate the kind words. Miss you bunches & hope everything with you is all good! We're here when you need us.

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Bill McGarvey

I have been a customer of Motor Works since 1986. They have always been fair, reliable, consistent in their performance, and exceedingly friendly to everyone who visits them. While some may find them a bit pricey, I have not — indeed, I've…

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Response from business owner

Dear Dr.McG,

Thank you very much for the high praise. Clients like you make this kind of work a pleasure. When cloning is perfected, we should talk? ;>)

I appreciate your mention that you value our level of service. Even if other auto shops might advertise cheaper, doing the proper preventive maintenance is clearly less expensive over the long haul. You're the proof of it's 'REAL' value!

I'll be sure to share your words with the crew, as well. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything that you need! Cheers, Greg

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Denise D

Great service. Wonderful staff. Who could ask for more.

Alex R

Was using Motor Works for 6 years. Easy to make an appointment. Friendly staff. Courtesy transportation to Metro/Bus station. Always put on an extra effort to get client's satisfaction. Convenience of dropping off and picking up the vehicle…

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Lynn Z

My experience with Motor works is ALWAYS ABOVE 5-Star. I have been with them since they opened their doors and have never been disappointed. …

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Wonderful customer service. Wished they worked in MINIs!


Great for the car and with customers.

Robert Clay Rivers

Great customer service and a commitment to find the problem fix it in a reasonable and well researched manner. Would recommend folks go to them for repair of their vehicle. Support a local business with a passion to provide goods service.

Response from business owner

Mr. Rivers, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. Welcome to the MWI family! If there is anything that we can do to help, please don't hesitate, okay? – Greg

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Rollin F

I have been taking my 2003 V6 Accord to Motor Works for about 5 years; their service is for first rate.It just turned 150,000 miles and runs like new. They only do the service that Honda recommends, no up selling. Want your car to last 200…

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Joan Kugler

As always, service was good, people obliging, loaner car excellent. Not cheap--but good. they give wise advice, which I always take.

Response from business owner

Hi Ms. Kugler... Thanks so much for the great review and your kind words. I just love the decades-long relationships we've had with the Kuglers. You are truly superstars in my book. Thanks... Greg

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Nancy Sasavage

I have been a client of Motor Works for over 20 years. They are the reason I have owned three Hondas--I would never trust another shop with my car. Over the years, I have never had a problem with my car that they couldn't fix and fix it …

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Response from business owner

Ms. Sasavage, Thank you so much for your trust and working with us for that long... it HAS been a long time, huh? If there is anything you need, please let us know. You're just great! – Thanks... Greg

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Margaret Olson

Motor Works has been taking care of my parents' cars for more than 30 years. They came to my rescue when I was having potentially expensive transmission problems and solved the problem for me saving me a lot of money. They are very …

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Response from business owner

Hi Margaret, thanks so much for your wonderful words and the great review. Working with multiple generations in families is something that we do quite a bit. You guys are awesome. If there is anything you need...please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks, – Greg

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Richard Reichard

I've used MotorWorks a number of times to keep my 2002 Acura RL on the road, both major and minor service. They always do an excellent job and even provide a free loaner car with a prior reservation.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Reichard, Thanks SO much for the wonderful words and great review. We're here when you need us. Thanks, Greg Skolnik

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Alex Cope

Friendly staff and good, honest mechanics. I have been taking my cars to Motor Works for almost a decade and they have always provided consistent, reliable service.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Cope. You've been such a superstar around here. All of us love you guys so much. Thanks again – Greg

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Pricey, but worth it. If you want to keep your car in top shape come here.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Salvatore... thanks so much for the review and comments. We're always looking for ways to increase the value for each client . If there is anything that you need, please don't hesitate to let us know, okay? Thanks – Greg Skolnik

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Sara Pretl

Best. Place. Ever. Period.

Response from business owner

Thanks so much for your review. You're the best! Thanks again, Greg

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Patrick Dunn

The staff is very welcoming and informative. The shuttle service is very convenient.

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. Dunn... thanks so much for the great review. We're so glad to have awesome clients like you. If there is anything you need, please know that we'll be here. Thanks, – Greg Skolnik

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Christine T

I've been coming here for more more than 12 years and they keep finding ways to improve what was already the best service experience I had gotten in 30 years of car ownership. The repairs are always done flawlessly the first time and the …

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Service and repairs are always done thoroughly and professionally. Staff is warm and friendly and definitely goes the "extra mile" to please the customer. My cars have presented some serious challenges over the last 30 years and, each and …

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Response from business owner

Hi Dr C... Challenges? No problem! We love having folks such as yourself as wonderful long-term "family" around here. If there is anything you need, please let me know, okay? Thanks again. Greg

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John Seiler

Consistently excellent service. Friendly and accommodating staff at all times. Have gone above and beyond for me on multiple occasions. Top notch.

Response from business owner

Mr. Seiler, Thanks so much for...well... just being you. You are a true superstar client here at MWI. If there is anything that you need, please don't hesitate to ask...okay? Thanks, Greg

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Rhea Lloyd

The MotorWorks staff is always professional and friendly. I have taken my last 2 cars (Acura and Toyota) to MotorWorks for approximately 10 years. They have kept my cars running well. They have wonderful integrity. I wouldn't go anywhere …

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Response from business owner

Hi Ms. Lloyd, your kind words and great review are precious here. I appreciate you and the time you spent on our behalf. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again, Greg Skolnik

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Louis P Solomon

I have been a customer of Motor Works for 18 years. They have worked on my various cars (Hondas and Toyotas) with great care at reasonable cost. I am so satisfied with their support that when I obtain a new car it is limited to Hondas and …

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Response from business owner

Hi Dr. Solomon, You are, by far, one of the greatest people I know. Thanks so much for your kind words and for the time you spent on our behalf. I really appreciate you and your entire family. – Thanks, Greg

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Debbie Browne

I love the staff and always know that the work on my car was done correctly.

Response from business owner

Thank you for a great review and the kind words. You definitely are more than a number to us...you're awesome! Thanks again – Greg Skolnik

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Michael S

Nice, friendly staff, and the waiting area is always clean. The shuttle to and from the metro is so great.

Avrom W

GREAT. Same great service for myself sense 1980

David Hicks

Great place to have your Honda services, convenient, fast, always done right first time and at a lot lower cost than the dealer. You really feel they want to do the best job they can and work with you to make everything fit time and budget!

Response from business owner

Hi Mr. H. We just love the great relationships we build with awesome folks like you. You are such an amazing guy! Thanks again,


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Demonstrated Expertise…

Thank you for your patience, perseverance and demonstrated expertise. You also score high with me for making this experience as pleasant as it possibly could be. After dealing for years with unsatisfactory work and treatment from the Honda dealership, I feel very fortunate to now place my vehicle in your hands. My only regret is that you don't work on Grand Cherokees. You got to the source of the mystery problem with our CR-V. I hope we can work together to keep this vehicle safe and reliable for several more years. Thanks again for a job well done over several days of frustration.

K. Chenault July 20, 2016

Simply the Best…

There is no better business of any type anywhere. Motor Works is simply the best - makes you want to own a Honda so you can have them service it.

H. Friedman September 9, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need a Hug…

Sometimes you just need a hug with your auto repair, and you can get that, too! Thanks for all you do!!

L. Laubgross August 10, 2015

Sustaining Relationships…

I really cannot think of anything that needs improvement. In my opinion, you have covered and mastered all the important areas of customer relations. You have sustained great relationships with your long time customers. You go to great lengths to satisfy your customers and often extend yourselves to do more for them. I would think the first time new customers walk through your doors, they would be amazed with all you offer them and with how you treat them.

C. Escabi August 10, 2015

Done Correctly the First Time…

The quality of service is really excellent - Paul is great to deal with, and so far every repair you've done has been done correctly the first time. With your convenient Metro shuttle service, it's hard to know what else to ask for!

J. Lyon August 10, 2015

Feel Taken Care Of…

I've been a customer for many, many years, and I can't think of an additional thing. I am always warmly greeted, provided rides, and my car is ready just as promised and in great condition. I feel very taken care of. Your personnel are terrific, starting at the top.

A. Daly August 10, 2015

Expertise, Competence and Efficiency…

Greg, It has been an honor and privilege to be your customer over the years. I discovered you via a referral from Dr. Mahalik from NIH back in the 80's. You cared for my Toyota Celica and when it was clear no amount of money was going to help it, you suggested strongly that I replace it. I did, with a Honda, and never looked back. Both my husband and I respect your expertise, competence, and efficient and thorough approach to your work. However, it is the fact that you are approachable as a human being and actually remember our names and life situation that had us coming to you all these years. Sadly, we will be moving to Miami Beach, FL - yes, living the cliche! We will miss you and your team.

B. Galen August 10, 2015

In Good Hands…

Time and again you go beyond what is called for and provide incredible customer service. We know our cars are in good hands and you take care of the owners as well.

J. Rossmere August 10, 2015

Friendly and Thoughtful…

Dear Greg & Company, In all the years I've been depending on you I have never been disappointed. In addition to doing a great job on the car, everyone is always friendly and thoughtful.

S. McCall August 10, 2015

Like Finding a Great Doctor…

I was recommended by a friend and couldn't be happier. Finding a trustworthy mechanic is a lot like finding a great doctor. While they are not the least expensive, they are not the most expensive either but, it really comes down to getting what you pay for, and you do, and then some. It feels like they treat you like they would treat their family. They let you know what needs to be done and what will probably need to be done in the future so you can plan. Very upfront and honest and very good at what they do. Would recommend them to anyone with a Honda or Toyota.

T. Stanton August 10, 2015

Done Right…

I think my car ran smoother after I picked it up than the day I bought it (used). Thank you all for taking the time to make sure it was done right, even at the end of the day!! I know you all wanted to get out of there to get home, but you took the time to make sure it was right, did the test drives and double checks, which means the world to me.

K. Hughes August 10, 2015


I do not think that I could be treated any better. Always a pleasure and always executed flawlessly. Again, my thanks for a fully professional job.

J. Horton August 10, 2015

Very Happy…

My first visit and was very happy. They were able to squeeze in an extended inspection even though I had only scheduled an oil change and tire rotation.
My wife has been going to Motor Works for years and told me my next car has to be a Honda so I can get it serviced at Motor Works.

August 10, 2015

Personal Touch…

I like the personal touch. The service rep knows me by name and is knowledgeable about my car.

S. Chicherio August 10, 2015

Attention to Detail…

Your attention to detail and customer service gets better and better.

R. Lloyd August 10, 2015

Couldn’t Ask for More…

I really can't think of anything more I could ask for from Motor Works. The staff is very courteous and friendly always. And I recently had an experience when you all helped me out with no hesitation and I couldn't appreciate your help more. It was at just before dark one evening when I came out to my car to discover my battery was dead because I had unknowingly left on my headlights. I got very upset, pulled out my cell phone and called Motor Works and you all helped me out right away. You sent someone to my rescue immediately and he took care of recharging the battery and I was on my way home just a few minutes after dark. I was so relieved, especially not being a young person, that I was not left stranded on my own. I have recommended Motor Works to a few friends who have now been depending on you for several years and have thanked me more than once. Keep up the good work! And I'll keep up the good recommendations!!

R. McArthur August 10, 2015

Everything Right…

You seem to do everything right! Too bad more businesses aren't run like yours!

H. Guskin August 10, 2015

Friendly and Helpful…

I've always found the staff to be very friendly & helpful. Thank you for coming out to jump my dying battery in this freezing weather and then following me to the shop so it could be looked at. You do great work. Thanks so much!

J. Pakiam August 10, 2015

Excellent Service…

Today I was provided with excellent service at Motor Works and I truly appreciate it. It was discover that there was no urgency to replace the rear brakes/rotors on my automobile. Needless to say, I breathed a sign of relief. I am highly pleased with the efficient manner in which my automobile was serviced and the professionalism of the staff. You have definitely gained a permanent customer, who will refer others to Motors Works.

V. Brown-Penda August 10, 2015

Consistently Amazing…

Customer service is always consistently amazing! Thanks for keeping it quick and making it easy to understand the "car language". I keep getting Honda's because I can't imagine going somewhere else to service my car.

M. Mills August 10, 2015

Kind and Personal Attention…

We really appreciate the kind and personal attention and service. We couldn't think of going to another place to care for our cars.

J. Arcarese August 10, 2015

Going Out of Their Way…

I have been coming to your shop ever since I have owned a Honda; the first one being in 1987! I've always appreciated the time your staff/employees have taken to go out of their way to accommodate to make each and every visit as hospitable as possible, less the expense of course and even that has always been worked out. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your business and employees has been a pleasant part of my life for over 20 some odd years. Keep it up guys!

J. Lewis August 10, 2015

Fair, reliable and consistent…




W. McGarvey April 1, 2014

I appreciate their communication skills…



Michal S. March 30, 2014

“Peace of Mind” driving…



Jerry L. March 24, 2014

They’re like extended family…

Excellent. Scheduling was fine and with advance notice they provided a loaner car because I live far enough away so my car was in mid-morning and I didn't want to drive to and from Rockville during rush hour. I was kept informed of everything and went the next day to pick up my car, which felt much better when I picked it up. Easy, professional, friendly, specialize in Hondas and Toyotas and are very knowledgeable and accommodating.
I have been going to this shop since I purchased my used Honda (they did the pre-purchase inspection) and they have always been excellent and are like extended family. Well worth the distance I drive to them and I highly recommend them.
Note that they are closed on Fridays to provide quality of life for their employees, but they work well around this so it has never been a problem for me and probably aids in the attentiveness of the staff when they are open.
Angie's List

W. Pachter March 20, 2014

We are impressed…



Beth Z. February 11, 2014

Recommend without reservation…



Frank C. February 4, 2014

Honest service…

I needed to find a shop to service a 2004 Honda CR-V I purchased in July. I previously had a Volvo which I took to a Volvo mechanic. The car was running fine so I began with an oil change, just to get a feel for the shop.
I found the staff friendly and welcoming. While waiting for my vehicle I observed how other customers were treated and was quite impressed. They were providing a loaner vehicle to one person and the others seemed to be regular customers. One person was told of a situation with his car and they decided to "watch it", because it wasn't a dangerous problem.

After the oil change, I asked if they saw anything else, and I was told they weren't looking and that I could schedule a service visit in three months to look for any issues. I was a bit surprised because when I used to take my Volvo to the dealer for an oil change they routinely discovered expensive issues which had to be dealt with immediately.

I am satisfied that I have found the place I want to take my "new" Honda to in the future for honest service.

Angie's List

D. Cooper January 21, 2014

Courteous and Responsive…

Courteous and responsive staff. Repairs appear to have been done in a completely satisfactory manner and most importantly they did recommend extra repairs as has every dealer I've taken a car to over the past several years.

Angie's List

C. Green January 1, 2014

Top Notch Approach to Customer Satisfaction…


Sara C. December 17, 2013

Friendly and Professional…


H. Mapes December 4, 2013

Only the Best…

Only the best from MW

A. Wofsey December 3, 2013

The Best…

Everyone at Motor Works continues to meet my highest expectations. I also couldn't wait the couple of weeks until a loaner car was available and since I was there almost all day long they bought me lunch while I waited. What place of business would think of doing that? I sure don't know of any. Thank you Motor Works. You are the best.

A. O'Neill December 3, 2013

The Bomb!

As always, you guys are the BEST!!! Dave and Mike are The Bomb!!! Wouldn't take my car any place else for any price.

K. Anderson December 2, 2013

In and Out in under 90 Minutes…

I just want to thank the staff for taking me at 3:00 on a Thursday for an emergency muffler replacement. The staff had me in and out in under 90 minutes!!! Thank you so much!!! 

M. Clem November 25, 2013

Reliable, cost effective, honest, and nice…

(from email of LeisureWorld listserve conversation)
LeisureWorld resident: "Can anyone reccomend a reliable, reasonable Toyota service shop?"
Ms. Diane Harper: "Absolutely. Motor Works, Inc. on Lofstrand off of Taft (near this end of Gude Drive.) They only work on Hondas and Toyotas. I have been going to them for five years (since I first bought my current Honda) and they are absolutely reliable, cost effective, honest, and nice.  They get great marks in Washington Consumer Checkbook and I found them through a neighbor and a list on the Car Guys list of great mechanics. They offer a free loaner car as needed."
(Ms. Harper forwarded the above message to another LeisureWorld resident -- her response to MWI when asked who reccomended us)
Ms V. Penda: "As promised, this is the person that sent information on your company. As you can see, she really marketed Motor Works, Inc."
(Ms. Harper's message to us) 
"Yeah, it's true. I've been talking about you behind your back. Diane"

D. Harper November 21, 2013

Makes a lot of sense…

I'm so glad you decided to replace all the dashboard bulbs at once. It makes a lot of sense to not have to pull that dashboard out again for another 12 years! Thanks! 

J. Zeims November 20, 2013

Like Family… only better…

The guys at Motor Works treat me like family (only better). 

M. Chesnut November 5, 2013

Others are fighting hard for second place…

We just bought a new 2013 Civic and it too will be serviced by you guys to the standards of excellence that we have come to expect. All others are fighting hard for second place.

(when asked how we could improve)

Open up on Fridays so the rest of the locals could avail themselves of quality and excellence in service.

J. Horton October 28, 2013

Not sure what would happen without you…

I was an unscheduled appointment that day since my engine light went on and my car was bucking a little. Mike said "come on in" and I am so thankful that he did since my oil was low. Dave showed me how/told me how often to check the oil and where to add it if needed. Honestly, I am not sure what would have happened to my car without you all that day. Thank you!! PS: I hit 199,000 miles yesterday!

P. Nadler August 27, 2013

Consistently High Performance…

Very professionally done,  can always count on them to deliver consistently high performance even during routine
service like oil change.

Angie's List

M. Leonard August 14, 2013

In Good Hands…


I. Lee March 30, 2013