Top notch Honda service facility. I first visited Motor Works after my dealer failed to fix a problem on my 1999 Odyssey after 5 visits. Motor Works solved the problem on the first visit! I have been servicing all of my Hondas there ever since. Staff is very friendly and professional.

Hi Mr. Mapes, I just revisited this review and wanted to thank you for your kind words. You are the best! - Greg

- Motor Works

This place is great. First, the customer service is very personalized. One of the two guys that runs it always calls you personally to explain what is going to be done before they do it and they will tell you what can wait as well which is even better in my book! They will also give you a ride to the metro and pick you up which means you can get your service done while not missing any wokr for the day. Dave even went so far as to help me out when I had a tire pop and although they were not open and I had to go to Mr. Tire he returned my call and told me not to get anything but my tire done there when I asked him for advice on other services they reccomended. You also get some major coupons for birthdays, first time service, etc... The only downside I really encountered was that they are not open at all Friday's or weekends and it is a little pricey but you get what you pay for and I think anyplace in this area would probably cost about the same if not more!


As good as it gets. Quality. Integrity. Longstanding client relationships. The Honda Works experience is something that gets passed down in families. Trust in the service industry - especially with auto services - is rare thing. We trust them completely. My stepmom has been going to the Motor Works fellas for well over 10 years. (She is one of the most savvy consumers I know. ) They took care of my brother and me and my used Accord, I had no question about where to go. When I needed major repairs, I came back from Philly to work with them. Their service and quality is unmatched - it was a simple logical decision. I had over $2,000 worth of work done about a year ago, stuff that was priced out to be well over $3,500++ at other places. Dave and the team gave my car a new lease on life and made me feel like I had the best thing on the road. In the process, they gave me a full report on upcoming repairs, when to expect them to be due and how much I should pay. After moving to Chicago, I got an estimate for some upkeep. I called Dave. He remembered my car immediately and knew exactly what the Chicago guys wanted to fix. The Chicago guys were right - the repair was on the list - but Dave felt that it wasn't necessary for another few months. (He was right.) He also made me feel secure about the pricing bid provided. Sadly, my car was totaled recently. I called Dave with the hope that the recent repairs might increase the amount offered by insurance. He took care of me immediately, providing all the needed information to the insurance. Coordinating drop offs can be a little tricky because of the location - but I wouldn't change that aspect. The location, which is off a main road, separates Motor Works - metaphorically and physically - from the crowd of subpar service joints. And, they will work drop offs for you. You will be thrilled with the results and enjoy working with them. Imagine Car Guys - but toned down.

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