Oil Change

Drain the oil. Replace the oil filter. Reinsert the drain plug. Sounds simple, right?  In reality there is so much more to, and nothing will help protect your investment as much, as routinely maintaining your most vital fluid - your engine oil.

Regular oil and filter services are key to keeping your long-term vehicle ownership as worry-free as possible.  Neglected engines are sad engines.  They have to work harder than they should to perform and tend to need to be repaired more frequently (and at a higher cost - engines and transmissions are two of the more costly components to have to replace within your vehicle). 

Each vehicle manufacturer has their recommendations as to when each service should be performed, and the details are usually located in your owner's manual.  Here at Motor Works, our clients (and their vehicles) enjoy a more customized service schedule.  One that takes into account not only the manufacturers recommendations, but also the lifestyle the vehicle leads, and the environment it lives that lifestyle in.  For example, is it a daily-driving-highway-battling-commuter, or a weekend warrior?  When recommending service intervals for our clients, we look at all these different factors so that we can provide the best advice possible. 

Our skilled, ASE certified technicians have performed tens of thousands of Express Oil and Filter services in our 40+ years of service and can complete them in under 30 minutes.  You can elect to wait in our well-appointed lobby while the service is performed, or, if you have other things you need to take care of while we take care of your car (SUV, Truck, or Minivan) we can provide you with a complimentary loaner vehicle, or set up a ride in our courtesy shuttle, whichever arrangement works best for you.

Give us a call, shoot over an email, or, click "Request Appointment" it really is that simple.  We'll set up your visit quickly and you can see for yourself what this "small but mighty" shop can do.

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