Computer Diagnostics

"These cars today, they're like computers on wheels!".  We've heard something like this quite a few times, especially now with the introduction of hybrid and fully electric vehicles to the mix. 

Modern vehicles are equipped with multiple on-board computers, which are there to monitor, and in some cases adjust, the various different systems to ensure your Honda, Toyota, or Subaru is running at peak efficiency and performance.  There are various warning lights, which correlate to each monitored system, that will be displayed on your dash should any of these computers notice something "out of specification".  The first thing to do if any of the various warning lights do appear is to not panic.  The second thing to do is to not ignore it.  "Why?" you may ask… Well, there could be something going on that, right now, might be simple and inexpensive to take care of, but should you ignore it, it could become more complex to repair (which could result in more of your time and money being spent as a result).

Getting to the bottom of any of these possible issues will require specialized tools, and the time and expertise our certified technicians possess.  If you see any of the malfunction indicators when you're in your vehicle (some examples located at the bottom of this page), we encourage you to give us a call or use the Request an appointment button here on the website, so that we can schedule an appointment and get the necessary testing started right away.

Warning Lights

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