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IMPORTANT: The purpose of this form is to communicate a request for service for a particular day and/or time. We will contact you by the method you choose to confirm your appointment. We would appreciate at least three days notice. Thank you so much.

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Oil and Filter Change3 Months - 3,750 MilesYes - Approx. 30 Minutes
Minor Service6 Months - 7,500 MilesPossible - Approx. 2 Hours
Intermediate Service1 Year - 15,000 MilesNo
Major Service2 Years - 30,000 MilesNo
4 Year Major Service4 Years - 60,000 MilesNo
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We will confirm your appointment as soon as possible via the method you chose above. If there is a problem, we will also contact you to work out another time. Because even the best technology screws up sometimes... If you haven't heard from us by the next business day, please call us at (301) 424-2800. Thank you!